Create. Engage. Notice. Teach. Empower. Remember.

Vision: The CENTER (Create. Engage. Notice. Teach. Empower. Remember.) is a coalition-led hub for child and youth creativity, education, and engagement.

Mission: To join organizational forces in the creation of authentic and inclusive opportunities that empower children and youth to lead positive change in their communities.

The CENTER coalition is made up of educational institutions and non-profit organizations that are committed to social justice and children and youth being positive change agents in their communities. They are:

Who Comes to the CENTEr?

Community members (children, youth, and adults) from around the Portland metro area come to the CENTER to participate in events, programs, and classes led by youth, teachers, and non-profit organizations. Everyone that comes through the doors is asked to sign in and include their home zip code. We use that information to see where people are coming from to visit the CENTER and get a sense of basic demographic information. These heat maps show the neighborhoods where there are the most CENTER visitors.

Screen Shot 2017-01-17 at 3.55.58 PM.png

Background iNformation

Catlin Gabel’s PLACE (People Leading Across City Environments) urban civic leadership program, Metro Regional Government's Nature in Neighborhoods program, Portland Bureau of Transportation, and One North, a Portland development and neighborhood project, teamed up on an innovative new public/private/education partnership. This partnership gives the coalition a storefront space in North Portland to positively engage children and youth in their communities. The project was ultimately approved by the Portland City Council. The location at 3510 N. Vancouver Ave, Portland, Oregon opened January 1, 2016.

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